Valerie Lamb-Steece is an artist living in Columbus, Ohio. Her work centers around the idea of the natural world and our man made created world colliding, she primarily works in oil paint on canvas or wood panels. She describes her works as stream of consciousness daydream painting or looking at one thing but thinking of many thoughts at the same moment. Interested in lush color and creating a realistic separate reality she uses representational places and objects to create a place within a thought. She strives to have the viewer create their own narrative of the paintings knitting together the thoughts within their own world view. Personal journey, storytelling and world symbolism are a favorite source of inspiration.

She primarily grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in Fine Arts, Painting. She currently sells real estate in Columbus, has a studio at 400 Rich St #205,  and shows with both Ohio Art League and C.A.W. (Creative Arts of Women).